@technonicx user I can say that Redmi 5Plus will take you 3 years. I bought it 1.300tl 2 years ago, maybe it is 1.700 now.

@technonicx user Oppo A5 2020 / Huawei Y7 Pro 64 /LG Q60 64GB

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@technonicx user I can recommend you Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

@technonicx user My budget is 1500 ~ 1700 pounds. What devices do you recommend? [Snapdragon processor is my choice, but you can still recommend the device you want]

@technonicx user The Redmi Note 8 model is 1800 TL and the M30S model is 1850 TL. My suggestion between the two is M30S. These are models that exceed your budget. You can look at the Realme 5i model, there is the Snadragon 665, it is behind these models as a camera.

@technonicx user What are your thoughts on the Oppo A5 2020?

@technonicx user A preferable model A5 2020 for its price.

@technonicx user What would you recommend if we make a budget 2000? I ve asked a lot

@technonicx user Not a problem, you can ask the question you want. M30S is taken at those prices. There is a Note 8 Pro for around 2300 TL.

@technonicx user I said, let me take a look at the devices when you ask the question. The phones are very ugly to me. It is not clear whether we are buying a phone or a computer. I already bought the S6 Edge second hand today. I like the old handsets more. I look at the devices always over 6 inches. As a suggestion, you can consider A20 on the Internet around 1500. I found it suitable for your budget.

@technonicx user Seriously. BERWAR said:

@technonicx user Hello there. Can you suggest a phone for 1500TL budget? It would be good if there is 3GB of RAM if possible. I will use it for surfing the internet, messaging apps, simple games. I can not get online, I would appreciate it if you recommend it from the store.

@technonicx user Buy Redmi Note 8 cheaply if you can find it.

@technonicx user Unfortunately. At least around 1900-2000TL in stores.

@technonicx user Why can't you get it online.

@technonicx user Is there anything you think?

@technonicx user I don't want to wait and I don't want to worry about the warranty. I also don't want to think about kicks in cargo. Samet0006 said:

@technonicx user I think it's okay to get online, it's not worth paying much for it.

@technonicx user I think 16 gb sucks

@technonicx user I have not seen the phone waiting too long, except when it is broken or when I download it. You can check the Realme 5i model if it is available from the store. If you say I buy it from the internet, you can look at the Xiaomi Mi A3 model.

@technonicx user What do you think about phones other than Y5?

@technonicx user As you get Redmi 8, you will already be playing the only one small game.

@technonicx user How is this phone.

@technonicx user Sylveon said:

@technonicx user Don't buy Huawei.

@technonicx user REALME 5İ 64 GB SMART PHONE BLUE - Vatan Bilgisayar www.vatanbilg REALME 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue REALME 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue at MediaMarkt with the most affordable prices! REALME 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue Click to review price and features, you can join the winners club. The winners are on MediaMarkt! Realme 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue Price and Features Realme 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue price, models and specifications are in Teknosa. Realme 5i 64GB Smartphone Blue is bought from Teknosa at the most affordable prices. I

@technonicx user Can you explain the reason? As far as I know it does not affect Android prohibition of Turkey. Sylveon said:

@technonicx user It is a kind of prison, the most closed part of the Android ecosystem, they do everything to restrict your freedoms.

@technonicx user I will not deal with root. Will it affect me at that time?

@technonicx user It exceeds but is worth.

@technonicx user It used to be a Huawei F / P phone brand. Now it is replaced by Xiaomi and Redmi. Redmi is already Xiaomi sub-brand. We bought my mother Redmi 8 3 weeks ago, which is a good phone. If importing guaranteed is no problem, Realme 5 would be a more logical choice. I don't think look at the Huawei side. My friend had taken a 32 GB model of Huawei 6 months later, gradually began to squeeze. I bought a Redmi Note 7 too. Edit: Avoid buying low-memory phones in particular. Now only operating systems take up 5-10 GB. You will upload it to the application, take photos and videos. You will have many problems in the future.

@technonicx user You can deal with it day by day, Huawei applications are great examples for Bloatware expression, it would not make much sense to turn off your options. The EMUI interface is quite bulky and you have no chance to change it.

@technonicx user Yes, it is a very good device but the extra performance will not affect me much as I will not do important things on the phone. I prefer to buy a device with extra performance and not to have holes in my wallet, it is a high performance device.

@technonicx user I think they have very nice phones but they are not suitable for this budget, so if you have money, don't buy it.

@technonicx user Thank you. Phoenix Zer0 said:

@technonicx user 200 TL. If the price is the same in the store, it can be obtained from Evkur. Honor 10 Lite Honor 10 Lite 32GB Mobile Phone from Realme 5i 64GB Blue Smartphone A101 - Blue

@technonicx user I do not intend to buy from Evkur, I do not recommend. I don't think of Huawei / Honor. I do not intend to buy from the market if possible. Thanks. I'm thinking about the Galaxy A01 or Redmi 8 phones. Can you write your thoughts?

@technonicx user Evkur is very well taken in advance, it is a separate matter if it is in installments. Why not buy Huawei / Honor? What will happen if you take the A101 guaranteed room Turkey. I guess you don't like anything.

@technonicx user That's why Evkur pawnbroker. The A101 doesn't bring a lot of phones, so every A101 is out of stock. I heard my Honor / Huawei phones slow down over time, so I'm afraid of my friends. Yeah I'm a bit picky I guess

@technonicx user Especially, there is nothing like a slow phone brand, do not get stuck on them anyway, but if Huawei is to be purchased, the Y series is not. When I say I buy A101, it is understood that there may be no stock. If you do not buy it in installments, it is not a loan shark for the cash price, but if you do installment, I have experienced it. The best is to buy 200 TL or more affordable Realme 5 and leave it to you.

@technonicx user Huawei, not Honor, is slowing down. Look, you can think of the sub-brands as follows. Sub-brands usually produce phones between 1000-4000 TL, ie more price / performance. Its main brands are much higher quality and expensive phones such as Huawei P30 Pro. For example, if we look at Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is 6,000 TL. Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is the sub-brand of Redmi, is the most expensive phone 2300 TL In short, we should not confuse its sub-brands with their own brands. You can visit all branches of A101. There are at least 3-5 branches in a district.

@technonicx user Phoenix Zer0 said:

@technonicx user Honor 10 Lite is ahead of these phones and even Honor 10 Lite is the same as Huawei P Smart 2019 on the Huawei side, so it can be looked like that.

@technonicx user Realme 5I does more. Even the price of 1400TL is same with the Redmi Note 8, the memory of the same RAMs is all the same. But while the realme 5I battery is 5000, the Redmi Note 8 4000MAH.

@technonicx user I am looking for a phone with a good appearance and high performance around 1500 TL. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 in mind. I am waiting for your suggestions.

@technonicx user The most logical phone you can get is Xiaomi. I have a Note 8 Pro too, I am very pleased.

@technonicx user If the camera is important, take the redmi note 8, but if the processor performance and appearance are more important, realme 3 pro is a better choice.

Maybe you are insterested