@technonicx user I personally use redmi note 8 pro 128 gb and my brother uses oppo reno2z 128gb and we are both satisfied with two phones. I did not look at the Mi9T in detail, I can not say anything about it. The only minus I can give about the Note 8 Pro is that it warms up a bit when playing cod and pubg mobile compared to other new generation phones.

@technonicx user As for gaming performance, the Note 8 Pro is better than the 9T model. 9T is better in battery, screen, camera issues. You can get 9T.

@technonicx user Is there any difference in playing the game?

@technonicx user There is no huge difference.

@technonicx user So it's not just taken for gaming performance. There are new models to be released, but I think they will be over 3000 TL, I do not think there will be such a difference.

@technonicx user Redmi Note 9 Pro models will come, that phone has SD 720G, which is the same power processor as the SD 730. As GPU, there is Adreno 618 in Note 9 Pro series and 9T model has Adreno 618.

@technonicx user There is no difference in fact, it is not worth waiting.

@technonicx user I plan to buy a phone, as I mentioned in my budget. I searched for a few phones, I did not know what I got, I am open to suggestions, the camera is more important to me, I think I like playing games from the computer. But that doesn't mean I didn't play games on the phone. Just playing PUBG or COD doesn't play around on the phone. Phones I Found Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Xiaomi Mi 9T Realme XT Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Oppo Reno2 Z If you have any other suggestions, I am open to the suggestion but it should not exceed the budget.

@technonicx user I suggest Oppo for the camera.

@technonicx user Do you know about game performance?

@technonicx user Xiamoi Redmi Note 8 Pro is my suggestion. I don't know, I'll say take a look

@technonicx user If your goal is the game, I would definitely recommend the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

@technonicx user Is there anyone who can tell me the amoled screen + and - sides? Does the Mi 9T have a fingerprint reader on the amoled screen etc. What is the difference from the note 8 pro?

@technonicx user Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is definitely a product of price and performance.

@technonicx user I recommend Pocophone f1 or mi mix 2s. The processor and main cameras they use are the same. Mi mix 2s is using my friend, the miui11 update has arrived and it also captures the camera very well.

@technonicx user

@technonicx user In general, the most purchased Mi 9T model seems to me.

@technonicx user I recommend the Mi 9T, the phone I use, and it also came on Android 10. Using the Snapdragon 730G Oppo can't even get near it.

@technonicx user Mi 9T Not MI 9T pro needs to be taken as a processor, there are many differences between them.

@technonicx user Get Reno2 Z or Note 8 Pro. Others are not as good as F / P. If you can find it, you can get it in Pocophone F1.

@technonicx user Dude why are you wearing this phone so much?

@technonicx user The Mi9T Pro can be bought, but since its processor is powerful, its battery runs out on average 20 to 40 minutes earlier than the normal mi9t. If we reveal the processor power in between, it is a very good value. I actively use the phone for 1 day.

@technonicx user You can choose between Oppo Mi 9T or Oppo Reno2 z for this price range. Both are similar and very good devices. The phone that gives me the best results for the middle segment with the performance of Reno2 z.

@technonicx user I use Mi 9T and I recommend it very well in every sense, regardless of camera, game performance, speed

@technonicx user I would recommend the Mi 9T performance, design all-round phone

@technonicx user I was undecided, but I lowered the price, a little bit of it. Xiaomi Note 8 Pro Realme 5 Pro Xiaomi Mi A3

@technonicx user Of these, I would say Note 8 Pro. If you can still put another 400 liras, buy Mi 9T.

@technonicx user If you push the bar, you get A71.

@technonicx user So what do you think about realme 5 pro?

@technonicx user I think wait for the realme 6 series and I am thinking of getting it soon. It would be great if it was around 1900 TL.

@technonicx user Can you tell us which one you picked when you got the phone? I also follow the subject that I will buy a phone in this price range.

@technonicx user I am going to get hesitant. I'm waiting for Redmi Note 9 Pro. Phone was introduced today, I wonder when Turkey to income is available for purchase?

Maybe you are insterested