@technonicx user You can look at the Xiaomi Mi 9T model in this budget.

@technonicx user Mi 9T is good but if you can get 128 GB, get it from it because the memory card is not inserted

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@technonicx user 9T, A51 ve Realme XT.

@technonicx user Realme XT, Xiaomi MI 9T, Galaxy A70 are devices that can be bought in that budget as zero.

@technonicx user okurbaabana said:

@technonicx user If I were I would prefer Mi 9T.

@technonicx user The Mi 9T is the best teleon you can get at this price.

@technonicx user I recommend using Huawei P30 Lite.

@technonicx user P30 Lite is not taken. Among the three models I mentioned, the most powerful model, CPU and GPU, is the 9T model. A51 model is better than Realme XT model as GPU. The ranking as performance is as follows: 9T> A51> XT. All three phones have an Amoled screen, although the XT model has a very low Amoled screen, it writes 450 nits as far as I look, it should not be so low, there may be an error from the site I look at. 450 nit can be normal value, its maximum value can be higher. It didn't make sense to me 450 nit, IPS screen would understand that they are less values for Amoled. The screen sorting is as follows 9T> A51> XT. The XT model has the advantage that the 9T and A51 around 2500 TL come with 6 GB of RAM, while the XT model has 8 GB of RAM. A51 and 9T models are also available with 8 GB RAM. The storage capacity of the 9T model at this price comes with 64 GB, XT and A51128 GB. As for the camera point, I have never looked at the XT model's camera so I will not evaluate it. Between A51 and 9T, the A51 is a slightly better device. At the battery point, all three phones have the same panel and battery capacity. SD 730 in 9T model has 8 NM production process, 9611 10 NM in A51 model and SD 712 10 NM in XT model. SD 730 is a model that consumes a little less power, the battery difference between these models will be small, it will perform similarly. The SD 730 might be better at 9T because of the battery point. It is up to you which one you will buy in three models at the same price. The camera of the XT model can be bought if it is better, this time lags behind as a GPU, but according to the 9T and A51 models. First of all, you should decide whether it is a camera or a performance. It is certain that the SD 730 and Adreno 618 chip is much better in games than the Exynos 9611-G72 MP3 and SD 712-Adreno 616 model. What I would buy is that I would choose between XT and 9T because I use Samsung. If the phone in my hand was Chinese, I could turn to Samsung, the only reason I turned to the Xiaomi and XT model here is a new experience. So don't take my comment into consideration.

@technonicx user Take the bar a little more and get 9T.

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