@technonicx user MI 10 AND MI 10 PRO models.

@technonicx user ÜzenIntel said:

@technonicx user If we put the Mi 10 Pro aside, did you not read my friend? ẞladé said:

@technonicx user I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S10 for 7 months. I can answer all your questions.

@technonicx user Thank you so much. Is the phone intact, so is it broken? Does the camera explode if it is in backlight?

@technonicx user I use the phone with the case. Once I dropped it from a height of about 1.5 meters on a hard floor, but there was not even the slightest damage on the phone. Coming to his camera, I am very pleased that I used the S7 before S10 and when I compared the cameras of the two, I noticed that the S10 gives colors much more accurately. It does very good work in high light and I think it is also very successful in low light. So far I have not had a problem with the reverse light explosion.

@technonicx user You can get S10 and S10 Plus. S10e is more logical in terms of price performance to me.

@technonicx user My brother mi10'n why the turkey was guaranteed düşünd OnePlus 7 devices do not recommend PRO overseas in Turkey if the device gets the money it takes 10 PRO MIN.

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