@technonicx user I don't know Roblox payment system, but you can withdraw your payments from ios or andoid market.

@technonicx user You can request a refund through Google Payments. However, google does not approve all of these payments. Report the situation to the manufacturers of Roblox and Brawl Stars games by e-mail. If it has been over a month or so, there is not much to do. It is completely the initiative of the manufacturers.

@technonicx user If it has been spent, it cannot be recovered. My friend had opened the $ 150 safe in Clash Royale by mistake, he couldn't get it back. But if he bought something like stone and didn't spend it, I think he would be taken back.

@technonicx user I bought your phone on Google play for some reason.

@technonicx user They pay in Brawl stars, but the account - falls on diamonds. They also give Roblox Google consumer friendly.

@technonicx user Then it takes time and we return

@technonicx user Sometime there were those who did it.

@technonicx user In Clash Royale, they were buying diamonds and opening chests. Then they are returning, the diamond would be minus, sometimes their accounts were closed.

@technonicx user You spend it but if you buy 5000ELMAS and return it, your diamond drops -5000 and if you cannot collect 5000ELMAS again, you cannot spend diamonds.

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