@technonicx user It was a little bit like you said. Why do you want such a thing? I think 100 steps is quite enough.

@technonicx user With a good coding knowledge you can, however, this will not change your charging time

@technonicx user We have a difference. KayraAkgul24 said:

@technonicx user It's hard to find that kind of coding information here. Secondly, to do this, you have to permanently corrupt the license by resetting the phone and throwing a ROM. I recommend not to try.

@technonicx user Do not worry, there is no license left on my phone. I was very fond of the phone. Maybe I will do that too.

@technonicx user Never mind, multiply the value you see by 2, get 200 slices for you.

Maybe you are insterested