@technonicx user No.

@technonicx user He said that for Huawei Mate20 Pro and P30 Pro, about 1% of the battery drops per year. Actually, this is like a negligible value.

@technonicx user There is harm. Turn off fast charging when lying down at night or when it will be attached for a long time. It is better not to use it unless necessary.

@technonicx user So for Mate 20 Lite? E39M5 said:

@technonicx user The moderator is fined if I disagree with him. So let me explain what I did, not advice: I never use fast charging. I do not power the battery more than 1W. I do not charge more than 50%, because I want to keep the internal voltage and internal temperature low; Because I want the cells to hold ions longer.

@technonicx user Mate 20 Lite comes with 18W fast charging will not be a problem. Mate 20 Pro has an internal 40W adapter, so the difference is huge.

@technonicx user Thanks friends, the higher the fast charging rate according to your comments, the higher the damage rate, the device I am talking about offers 18W fast charging support, so I guess there is little to no effect.

@technonicx user If the device has access, there shouldn't be a problem because it is designed to have internal support.

@technonicx user Fast charging is filling fast. But it also allows it to discharge quickly. This also reduces the charging cycle. At the same time, it causes more capacity to decrease. I definitely do not recommend fast charging unless it is an emergency. Look, they explained it nicely in the link below. I suggest you to read. "" Quick Charge Losses and Battery Usage Recommendations ""

@technonicx user The article was written in such a ridiculous style that I had a hard time reading, most of the information provided was wrong. Fast charging does not damage the battery, so why should this technology be used and developed today? It is mentioned in the article that the high current is constantly given to charge the battery in the fastest way, there is no such thing on phones, phones that are not charged like charging 2 pen batteries. Current is given according to the voltage in the battery, as the voltage in the battery increases, the controller in the phone gradually decreases the current, you can test it yourself. When you run out of battery and try to charge up to 60%, if you can reach 60% in half an hour, it reaches only 100% in 1 hour.

@technonicx user Describe the wrong information one by one, let's discuss together. Let's make a decision. There is nothing in the article that a continuous current is given. I suggest you read with a clean head. The answer to the question is already in the article. Let's do the criticism in style, please.

@technonicx user Why does a battery need to be charged with 5v 1A? My recommendation for a 4000mAh battery would be a charge between 2 amps and 2.4 amps.

@technonicx user I do not recommend using fast charging. Even normal charges are now filling up in 1 hour. It's a good time for me. You have to be patient.

@technonicx user You tried to justify yourself by putting certain sections without reading the whole article. Even the quotes are noticed when reading. Q 1. Suppose that an example is simplified. (Writes Required) 2. Author's Recommendation. (He writes my suggestion.) 3. He says that you can experience a simplified example. Try it on you. 4. It changes from wire to wire. If you are aware of not precise information, the author left a gap. Obviously the room wanted to be open to interpretation The places where you hang out are really strange. But I respect. The answers are on top. Let me write bold as you may not have paid attention. Again, I suggest you read with less attention, attention and a clean head. I really started to doubt myself. Do you have any other questions in mind?

@technonicx user I have read the entire article, there are the right places in the article, but in general I cited the places where I knew and got stuck and I got no answer. Does this article consist of examples and predictions? No solid proof?

@technonicx user If fast charging was harmful, Tesla cars would have been rubbish in 1 day. If you have an article of what you are defending, throw it away or prepare to eat "misinformation"

@technonicx user You are right. Mr. Teknoman. I really agree right now. I didn't say it would be trash. I said it would decrease your life. I said it was harmful. As it says in your signature: We live in a world where only fools are taken seriously. So why be upset that they don't understand me? I believe you will take the time to read. For something you will not read, I will wear myself for you again and I will give my watches again. I do not write a doctoral thesis, frankly, I did not read in the forum rules. I do not know if thoughts are shared on this forum with a threat. Let me give you the magic words for Google, maybe you might have a hard time. "Fast Charging, damage, article," Damage can use harm etc. in place. If you don't know, don't worry, Google has translected for these situations. In fact, I think it is up to you to prove otherwise. Prove that I will do my part. Good work. Good learning. I will not be too long.

@technonicx user @ G.Sahi So you said to me indirectly stupid? Well, you caressed your bravo ego well. I realize that even though I think about how you associate that word with this event, I realize that it is not worth thinking about. It would be right to come here with an article of what you are defending. As a result, you argue that something happened. It is ridiculous to prove that it is not. Also, we think that these companies have tested this feature many times and published it accordingly. Nor is this a new feature. It is a technology that has been used for many years and has been developed with an algorithm for a long time. By analogy, I gave examples of Tesla cars. Do not worry, you read long and long. I know English, don't worry. I think you are a new person in the forum. Yes, there is no rule called write a doctoral thesis. But I wish you had read a little more carefully, but you hadn't made the forum rules like spelling mistakes.

@technonicx user I gave you an example because I am using it. I respect your opinion, your expression. I didn't mean anything like that. Sorry if I'm misunderstood. If you paid attention to your style, you would get the same response. There is thesis, anti thesis. If you just answer the word "wrong," this is a one-way discussion, please. Too bad it is based on your own opinion, saying "misinformation" does not suit your last comment. We all learn thanks to you so that the tip doesn't stay open. I'm sorry too. Beklemedeyim. Lithium-ion battery fast charging: A review In the recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become the battery technology of choice for portable devices, electric vehicles and grid storage. Whil… "It is known that the high currents required to speed up the charging process decrease the energy efficiency and cause the accelerated capacity and power to decrease." Turkish Fast Charging Stations Damage Tesla Car Batteries After Just 25 Charging Cycles A new paper shows that a selling feature of electric cars, fast-charging stations along highways, actually subject batteries to high temperatures and high resistance that can cause them to crack, leak, and lose their storage capacity. Fast-charging can damage electric car batteries in just 25 cycles - Here the Turkish researcher states that it reduces damage with its newly developed algorithm. On 12 Mar 2020, Scientists find fast charging destroys electric vehicle batteries (stated to have caused 20% less damage with the algorithm developed in March) The last 3 news are similar from different sources. Some of the points on which my thought rests. I didn't write anything different from you. I read it in the order I wrote in google. I can duplicate the examples. Look, you're skipping this important point. Battery technologies are outdated even if the charging algorithms change. There are still old Lion Lipo batteries. Having the D6603 places you think is wrong doesn't make much of the post wrong. Just because you disagree with a person, have incomplete information, or fail to fully understand the topic does not mean that a post is wrong (or most of it is wrong). Before you judge people, explain what you do not understand with style, look at what your friend has written here. "" I think this is wrong because .... "" I give it to the thought of standing out. My opinion is that the fast charge is overloaded on the battery and it wears the battery because it is exposed to heat. Best regards.

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