@technonicx user Do not buy GM breaks down immediately.

@technonicx user I can say GM without thinking, I have friends who have been using it for years, they had no problem. They still continue to use it. No, I will definitely buy a brand, I want to find my gelatin cover easily. As a processor and display, GM and realme are better than this model of Samsung.

@technonicx user GM 9 Pro is a better device as CPU, GPU, camera and screen.

@technonicx user Hodja, ghost touch appeared on the p30 device I bought.

@technonicx user I was sorry, after waiting for p, it was bad to have a problem. What did you do, did you return the phone, did you guarantee? Did you do a thermal throotling test or something?

@technonicx user No, my teacher was affecting my use (I have been using it for 3-4 days). I called Teknosa, because the sim card is inserted, the service should report for return and exchange, he said. I do not know what to do, I will really go nuts, I will meet with the service tomorrow. I tested the phone, my teacher was able to protect 59% in 15 minutes. I did not even install and test the game, I was depressed, I was in trouble without worry. The problem, which was not even on my 5-year device, came to this.

@technonicx user Unfortunately, you should have a chance while buying a phone.

@technonicx user Yes, my teacher, it really is. Let's see I inform you about the situation. Good evening.

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