@technonicx user It looks quite costly, the Amoled screen is very expensive, it doesn't just end with it, it's cracked in the case and the rear window. It would be better if you ask the services. My estimate is between 1000-1500 TL. Even a 9T screen change costs 1000 TL, I don't even count other shards. Is it worth paying and repairing so much? There is no point in making a cost if it explodes around 2000 TL.

@technonicx user There may be cracking or throwing on the PCB or solders, I think it's not worth doing. If there is such a problem if I do not know that in Turkey, but very laborious.

@technonicx user The scrap of the phone is too expensive, the bidet screen is amoled, if the screen changes, if the case changes, especially if it is damaged from the inside.

@technonicx user If nothing other than the visible damage occurs, it will cost around 1400-1500₺.

@technonicx user I reviewed 1000₺ -1500₺, all I can say is that this device will no longer be prosper. I hope I don't have to face such a situation.

@technonicx user Okay but I hope it was not damaged from the inside, but how it was broken like that.

@technonicx user While I was discussing with my girlfriend on the phone, I threw it with an instant nerve. I had never been in this kind of situation before, I can hang out with a phone for 1-2 years. I wish everything was like in the movies.

@technonicx user Life is what you're doing.

@technonicx user Greetings to aunt.

@technonicx user The damage is huge. I would say you do not have to deal with the money you will give to make a new one.

@technonicx user Even if the motherboard and solders are not damaged, the Amoled screen + back and front Gorilla Glass 5 glass will be pricey. I hope the pop-up camera module has not been damaged. It seems to be expensive due to its lining.

@technonicx user I think you meet the earth as soon as you read the phone's salute. Joking aside, I think it would make more sense to get a new phone, even if the second-hand warranty is on the one hand, and on the one hand, it will make a mistake-problem.

@technonicx user I will go to the warranty service, if not at all, I will probably meet for information purposes. I'll put the situation I'm going to encounter here for a few hours. Thank you to all the friends for their suggestions and information.

@technonicx user I think there is no point in getting this phone to get the Redmi Note 8 Pro or the IMI thrown Mi 9T again.

@technonicx user Even if you do it, the price is less than the price of the phone. It makes more sense to take the zero model instead.

@technonicx user sorry 9 belongs.

@technonicx user I am doing phone repair, if you want, I can make a price list by calculating the current prices. Since the screen is an amoled screen, it will be a bit costly, not only the screen, the frame and the back cover also need to be changed. If it changes, the phone will be like zero, but if we consider the price of the phone, it would be more logical to buy a new one rather than paying for repair, amoled screens are unfortunately very expensive. If you want to sell the device in this way, since it is so costly, then I will sell it as scrap, if you think that I will have a little money, I can buy the device in this way.

@technonicx user Note 8 Pro can be bought for 1000-1500 liras instead of paying a repair fee.

@technonicx user If repair costs are too high and you give up repair and buy a new phone, I can buy this device as scrap. If you want to sell, you can contact.

@technonicx user I just got a return from the warranty service today. The repair cost of the phone is 3 to 5% of the phone price. So I have to consider your proposal. If you contact me at 555 059 28 00, we can discuss this issue in detail.

@technonicx user The phone is pretty crappy. I don't think it can be the same as before, because even the person who will do it should deal with the phone. Best of all, you can buy zero Redmi Note 8 Pro or Mi9t again.

@technonicx user If you take this to guarantee, it will be a shame, of course, they will say user error. Even if it's done after that time, I don't think it will be the same because it was pretty broken. I say look at the new device.

@technonicx user I fix a misunderstanding as follows; "If you take this to guarantee, it will be a shame, of course, they will say user error." Taking the phone to guarantee is not my subject. I did not give the device because they would probably make it free. Because they were not part of different phone repairers, they all directed to the warranty service, so it was the last resort to get a price from the warranty service.

@technonicx user Sure it will explode inexpensively. I think get a new phone. In addition, if we cannot control our nerves, such problems may arise. Let's not do things like this.

@technonicx user The real misunderstanding has been here. I mean, not in a paid way anyway. I said at first because of what you said about user error.

Maybe you are insterested