@technonicx user I didn't close it on WhatsApp either. If magisk is installed on your device (requires root), maybe this might work.

@technonicx user Thanks, but I don't want to root.

@technonicx user I have the same problem on the same device. It did not happen before, if I am doing it, it has been happening for 1 month. It happened with the last update, I don't know. He gets very nervous, and he goes out at the highest volume.

@technonicx user I had the same problem on my Redmi Note 7 device (not a problem actually), I installed the Silence Camera app from the Play Store. It works fine. Think like an add-on, but don't practice. Silence Camera - SLCamera - Apps on Google Play When you use the camera module in an app with a camera function, it goes silent. Silent switching depending on whether you use the camera module! As soon as you use the camera module, it switches to silence. 100% conversion is guaranteed because the camera switches to silent mode through ...

@technonicx user The problem you mentioned is actually the same feature in most devices made in china to prevent hidden shooting photos.

Maybe you are insterested