@technonicx user Since the possibility of Google services will be very low; most likely it will not be available on Google Play. The most humble member of the family: Huawei P40 Lite, the P40 family introduced by Huawei very recently. The modest users of this family, which offers many features to technology lovers, will surprise the member very much. Huawei P40 Lite: Provision of apps ensured despite the lack of Google Play Store Due to the trade war with the USA, like all the new Huawei smartphones, the Huawei P40 Lite has to make do without the Google Services despite its Android 10. However, the manufacturer is trying to close this gap in-house - with an alternative app store and a special app search.

@technonicx user Huawei has its own store app, as an APK you can install apps on the Google Play market. Huawei's own store is of course not as rich as the GP market. The phone doesn't have Google services either. Watch this video.

@technonicx user No, teacher. I follow the Huawei group on Facebook, there are those who use it, Google Play, Google nothing.

@technonicx user Hodja is downloading this APK, do not get infected with the new phone.

@technonicx user I do not think there will be a virus in the program in that video, it is generally not a problem to download from known APK sites. Of course, unfortunately, you cannot say that it is safe to use as a Google Play convenience store.

@technonicx user There is Aurora Store, as far as I know, pulls applications directly from Google servers.

@technonicx user Is Aurora Store running Play Store via google apis?

Maybe you are insterested