@technonicx user Can you tell me the brand of your phone?

@technonicx user Did you choose to transfer files from the phone when plugged into the computer?

@technonicx user Yes JRScarface said:

@technonicx user If it does not appear as C, D in My Computer, cable drivers may not be installed. First, download the software of the phone from lenovo's website and try it.

@technonicx user I couldn't find the computer software for Lenovo P2 on Lenovo's website.

@technonicx user Hello, phones :: p series :: p2 smartphone - IN you can access the related software from the link. In addition, if you write the IMEI number of your phone to the part that says IMEI in the model that is suitable for your phone.

@technonicx user There is probably a problem with MTP. MTP device problem on windows 10 solved Loading…

@technonicx user I did what he said but it didn't work JRScarface said:

@technonicx user See storage settings from phone

@technonicx user I looked but I don't know what to do. There is nothing glaring in the storage settings. SD card and internal memory seem to be combined in the storage part. Not as two separate storage areas.

@technonicx user I said maybe there was something remarkable, but @BERWAR teacher knows maybe the solution.

@technonicx user Hello I am deviating from the subject, but how did you combine the memory? My phone's memory is not enough, I cannot install applications.

@technonicx user I think you can adjust the SD Card internally if you want portable in the storage settings. You will set it internally

@technonicx user The problem may be with the jumper cable. Some cables do not support data transfer. It is produced for charging only.

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