@technonicx user The values are normal. Especially for stock fan

@technonicx user With the stock fan, it is quite normal in the summer months. I use the veteran i5 3470 around 90 degrees on the load and I have not had any problems yet.

@technonicx user In fact, the i3 is a click more than the 7100. Although the i3 6100 has almost the same CPUs with the same TDP, I see up to 65 with the same configuration. Generally, your temperature values are normal. Today I ordered Arctic MX-4 as a thermal paste. It was the most logical choice I could find in the 0-100 TL band across the market, but how satisfied it was at the point of performance I could not experience yet. Before that, I had been using the Xigmatek PTI-G3606, which still had good paste application on it.

@technonicx user The location where you position the case may be better, or the air circulation of your case may be better than that of the friend's case. That's why your processor is running cooler than your friend. Values are normal as you say

@technonicx user I can recommend GD900 as price performance for thermal paste. However, there are ones of different sizes, I bought 5x3 grams, if you have a single computer, 1 3 grams will work. Gd900 Thermal Paste - Thermal Grease 5 Pieces - Gd900 Thermal Paste - Thermal Grease 5 Pieces is on with 35,60 TL and free shipping! Cooler & Fan price is in Computer category. I

@technonicx user Actually I am using Aerocool Advanced V3X. There is only one exhaust fan and the case is generally located in a closed compartment. For a processor just like the i3 7100, 78 degrees is a bit too much, except 65-70 degrees are normal values.

@technonicx user Thank you for your answers, I will most likely get one of the thermal pastes that you recommend. Good forums.

@technonicx user It is better to buy a fan instead of a paste, after all, no matter how good the thermal paste is, the capacity of the fan is clear, it cannot give more than it. This is my suggestion: Arctic Freezer 34 Esports Red CPU Cooler Price Arctic Freezer 34 Esports Red CPU Cooler with best price, buy from Hepsiburada! Order now at a discounted price, come to your feet!

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