@technonicx user Have you tried restoring from the trash? Also how was it deleted at a time? Have you deleted it yourself or noticed that it has been deleted?

@technonicx user Do not panic right now and format the PC, do more damage to the sectors and increase the current loss. The only good thing you can do is, of course, install the R-Studio application on your computer and scan your current disc well. Of course it will take some time. But you can be sure that you can definitely recover it (unless you have done a second format etc.). There are other recovery software as well.

@technonicx user Don't forget to scan your PC with Kaspersky or any good antivirus.

@technonicx user No panic. Do not format or write files on it. There are some Partition Recovery programs. These programs can bring the disc back as it is. For example, it can repair what is happening in the RAW state without problems.

@technonicx user I'm getting rid of EaseUs

@technonicx user The system is likely to be a virus, if you wish to scan the system first and then save it to be intact.

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