@technonicx user So as you said, Mi9T makes more sense. If you change the phone again in the future, that 64 GB memory card will work for you.

@technonicx user Video capture quality of the Mi 9T sucks; when buying.

@technonicx user I do not think that the memory card cannot be inserted in the Mi 9T model, so it is necessary to check.

@technonicx user Yes, I came across a new video, said the man. I don't want to take a photo anymore because it even exceeds 8 10MBs.

@technonicx user I am a Mi 9T user. The phone does not support memory cards. I have been using the phone since November. I am not someone who takes a lot of photos and plays games. No games and photos. But I am dealing with the edit business, so I constantly send video from the computer to the phone. I'm transferring. Of course I delete it after my job is done. I have 38 GB of free space right now. I was between 2 phones, but I read many negative comments about the processor of the Note 8 pro, I decided to buy the Mi 9T since it was not a processor I used before. But I think if the Note 8 Pro's processor was Snapdragon, I would get it in terms of f / p.

@technonicx user I'm stuck between these 2 phones, which do you think?

@technonicx user I'm in the same dilemma. When we compare the two phones, they have advantages over each other. First of all, we should not forget the 500 lira difference. I think mi9t's superior points are the camera processor and the screen. I think the color saturation of Sony sensors is more successful than Samsung. Although I like true colors, the IPS screen is very faint to me so amoled is better in my opinion. The biggest issue is the processor. The Snapdragon 730 processor is a click away in terms of performance from the Mediatek h90t, but Snapdragon's 8nm architecture is better. Snapdragon will heat less and consume less battery. In design, I think mi9t slaps the note 8 pro. I think mi9t is very advanced because it offers both a pop-up camera, a metal frame and, most importantly, a full screen experience. The pop-up camera may seem to malfunction, but in the reviews they open the phone and show the mechanism, and as far as I can see, the mechanism is very solid. 300 thousand on and off life has been given and this means at least 8 years. Come see mi9t has important mistakes for me. The first error wrap is too high, the second is that there is no memory card support and finally there is no infrared. It is also 500 lira more expensive. Considering these, I think mi9t is better.

@technonicx user I did some research. Note 8 Pro, if we look at the numbers, 4500 mAh, Mi9 T 4000 mAh, if we look at the users, the charge of the Mi9 T goes 1 hour more. The numbers on the camera show that the Redmi Note 8 Pro is better with 64 MP, but users say there is no difference. Only the Note 8 Pro was shooting brighter. If you look at the rest of the features, the Mi9 T is ahead with many features such as its full screen experience, its design, pop-up camera, independent pixel feature. If these features are important to me, you can afford to pay 600 TL more for them. I can personally give this price for design and full screen experience. The rest is up to you.

@technonicx user There is quite a difference in charge, not 1 hour, for example, let me say that the Note 8 PRO model is playing for 5 hours, while the 9T model is 10 hours. While watching movies on the Note 8 PRO model for 13 hours, this time goes up to 23-24 hours on the 9T model.

@technonicx user 23-24 hours, isn't the movie too ambitious?

@technonicx user You can look at the Teknoseyir review, he says so there too. These results are not surprising when it comes to the combination of Amoled display and low power CPU and GPU. Amoled battery-friendly, the processor of the Note 8 PRO model is a much higher power consumption model than the SD 730-730G models.

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