@technonicx user I think you need to add Honor 20 among your options.

@technonicx user I do not think of a different model, thank you very much for your answer.

@technonicx user a71 is the most logical but still i say to bypass mi9 t

@technonicx user I think A71 is better.

@technonicx user I think as I decided on A71. I think it is a very forward-looking phone according to the RAM or its budget. xRahim said:

@technonicx user Among these options, I would say A71.

@technonicx user My A71 skin is compulsory among them, but if you are going to get A71, some series have chronic screen problems and control them well.

@technonicx user It makes more sense to buy Nova 5T for the A71 price. The price is 9T logical in terms of performance, better than the A51 and M31 models in terms of hardware and performance. As a rear camera, the 9T is behind these models, but it also has a good camera.

@technonicx user Ok thanks onrcmr said:

@technonicx user I think of a device in the band 2600-2700 TL. The model in my mind is Samsung A51. I have written a few important details that I care about below. In this framework, I am waiting for your suggestions. I want to get the device fiba bank credit, it would be much better for me if you give your suggestions via Vatan Computer. I would also be happy if anyone who has information about fiba bank loan shares it. I thank everyone in advance. 1- It works well in terms of camera, 2- I will not have any problems doing social media and mail works, 3- I can play games to spend time from time to time, 4- The screen rate is high, 5- And above all, I want to charge only once a day while doing these. .

@technonicx user I use A51, I don't know the game. It does very well with other transactions.

@technonicx user You can also look at the Redmi Note 8 Pro or Mi 9T model. As Samsung, I would say A70 instead of A51.

@technonicx user You said, suggest it from my teacher Vatan, but I go off the track and recommend Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Better than A51 in performance. I do not know the subject of the camera is better. If you can not buy from Hepsiburada site, I can recommend Redmi Note 8 128 GB. A51 is a nice choice.

@technonicx user I can not recommend the Redmi Note 8 Pro in terms of performance, in that price band, there is a video for the camera, get the idea:

@technonicx user I think the Samsung A51 is good for being social, it works out of the game. Xiaomi Mi 9T would be perfect.

@technonicx user You can get M31 instead of A51. M31 is better for battery and camera.

@technonicx user Mi 9T legend.

@technonicx user There's no point in getting A70 instead of A51. A51 is better in terms of camera and screen. Although the SD 675 is more powerful as the CPU, the A70 and A51 are equivalent models at the GPU point. You can also look at the 9T model. Although it is behind the A51 and M31 as a camera, it is better in terms of hardware and performance. It has a very good screen and is a good device as a battery. The device that meets the demands is M31.

@technonicx user I am a Mi 9T user, if there is a question you want to ask, I will answer it.

@technonicx user Note 8 Pro> Mi 9T

@technonicx user This is not an accurate definition. 9T in terms of screen, camera, battery, and Note 8 Pro in terms of performance and price.

@technonicx user I always look at the performance of the phone. A phone that is not paid for a nice camera. You go and buy a normal camera instead.

@technonicx user @ Baris03 9T model is an adequate phone. G90T and G76 MP4 models outperform SD 730 and Adreno 618 models. The 9T model has advantages of camera, battery and Amoled display, these are important issues. Note 8 Pro is not a bad phone anyway.

@technonicx user I would recommend the Xiaomi Mi 9T among those devices. I know users are satisfied. In the game etc. he does a good job. If you say Samsung A70 is better than A51. I use A70. I can answer if you have any questions.

@technonicx user In what way can you say it is better? A51 is the phone that should be taken instead of A70. Better on camera and screen. As the CPU, the A70 is more powerful but they are the same as the GPU, making the two devices equal in game performance. The battery has the advantage of the A70 model.

@technonicx user THΞ DΛRK FΞΛR said:

@technonicx user Hodja, I am thinking of taking it, I am not in a hurry, am I waiting? Prices don't go up, right? Do not hike due to the virus.

@technonicx user Mediatek vs Snapdragon

@technonicx user In terms of performance and power, the Mediatek G90T is stronger than the SD 730 model and stronger as a GPU. SD is advantageous when it comes to power consumption.

@technonicx user I am talking about it. It is much better in terms of battery consumption and heating, and the Amoled screen also has benefits. Also, I could not see a performance difference in games, personally.

@technonicx user Hodja Amoled, the screen is different for everyone, it doesn't look attractive. My brother used Asus Zenfone 5, it is called the latest model (ZE620KL). My brother changed the phone, bought the Samsung S10 Plus. Asus' screen was IPS, Samsung's Amoled says my brother, I did not see much difference in terms of the screen, when IPS passed an Amoled screen from the screen, Amoled says it was not very attractive to my eye. Is it changing from person to person, or is there not much difference? My brother says, "How nice is this in Amoled, thankfully I passed this from IPS, there is not much difference."

@technonicx user There is a clear screen difference between the Zenfone 5 and S10 Plus model, it is impossible not to see this.

@technonicx user It may vary from person to person, but I think there are a lot of differences with us, except for mine, all other phones are like IPS and my old phone. When put together, the difference between Amoled and IPS screen is very clear compared to IPS, it looks very lively and bright. I already said that battery consumption is better. The downside is that if the screen breaks, you have to pay for a new phone.

@technonicx user My brother has a Mi 9T in one of my brothers, we compared his phone with Zenfone 5, the screen seemed like no difference. We used the same color and wallpaper in both of them, so r people do not say what if I bought Amoled, this is what I got an IPS phone.

@technonicx user Try it outdoors, you will see the difference clearly under the sun. I don't know how you don't understand the difference in brightness, obviously, the difference is noticeable.

@technonicx user We tried it at home, hodja. There is a difference in sunlight. Sir, I used to say that I used to use Asus Zenfone 2, when I switched from Zenfone 2 to Samsung A3 2017, the screen was very different in terms of screen quality and screen brightness, but when I compared Zenfone 5 with S10 Plus and Xiaomi Mi 9T, I couldn't see much difference. .

@technonicx user You feel less at home than the outside environment. Auto brightness S10 Plus crushes the Zenfone 5 under the sun. In the home environment, the S10 series did not reach full brightness, although it did not offer the full full brightness value, as far as I know, even if you manually set it to the final brightness level.

@technonicx user I tried to experience the screen IPS LCD on my device that I currently use, and occasionally I stayed idle about the A51 in my store. It pleased me in many ways. But if those who use it as game performance can comment, it would be great.

@technonicx user Sir, I'll take a phone call. My budget is maximum 3500 TL, I had to postpone it when the virus event came out. I was waiting for the Redmi Note 9 Pro model, its arrival will probably be delayed due to the virus. We can wait for the things to get better now, after 2-3 months.

@technonicx user I am using Huawei p9 lite 2016 model. I don't know how long I can take it.

@technonicx user It even features good from my phone. I am using Samsung A3 2017.

@technonicx user Since the A51 came out, it has been sold at a price as low as 2420 TL, and its current price of 2600 TL seems reasonable to me. Does anyone have an opinion on this issue?

@technonicx user It would make more sense to buy M31 for 2700 TL instead of giving 2600 TL for A51 model.

@technonicx user In comparison videos, it has no feature other than battery performance. In fact, the a51 is said to be far superior to the camera.

@technonicx user I bought Realme 3 PRO for my mother with the discount of the winners club. This shopping has reached 1460TL with 75TL world points. I hope it was a good choice.

@technonicx user I did not look at their camera, but the A51 model has a new sensor, it can perform better than the sensor with 64 MP.

@technonicx user Thank you very much everyone. I ordered the A51. I hope it will be good.

@technonicx user Good luck, hodja. I will postpone the phone for 2-3 months to get the phone, the virus will pass, we will look after it.

@technonicx user I bought it for 2619 TL, it dropped to 2549 today.

@technonicx user Kismet was such a teacher. Sir, I remember very well, we are in the summer of 2015. I bought a GTX 750TI graphics card, 3 days after I got the discount, the price fell 200 TL, I got 200 TL expensive. So that was the fortune.

@technonicx user Good day everyone, my old phone has no longer satisfied with me whether it has internal memory or processor power. I want a new phone. I don't play many games except 3 games; PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty®: Mobile. I want you to recommend PUBG Mobile as the cheapest phones that can play at the lowest graphics level at an extreme frame rate, as the budget is limited. Since I spend a lot of time on Netflix and YouTube, it is important that the screen quality is good, but there is no need to take the screen into consideration if it will have strong hardware. I thank everyone for your suggestions in advance.

@technonicx user What is the budget? Perhaps for you, the S10 Lite is not a very expensive phone. The Samsung M30S is suitable for your wishes.

@technonicx user Specify budget? What was your old phone?

@technonicx user What did you do? Sis Lite is definitely too expensive. Let's say the budget does not exceed 2000 TL. As I said, I am looking for the cheapest phone that can play at extreme frame rates. I thought of the M30s but I wanted to write in the forum because there are better models. BERWAR said:

@technonicx user The best phone in the price of the M30S, get it.

@technonicx user I guess the M30S model is the most available phone now based on its price, battery, performance.

@technonicx user I think I'll have to take it. I wanted to experience other brands besides Samsung, but it was not fortune. Sylveon said:

@technonicx user 188 grams. It's not too heavy. My device has 3600 MAH battery, heavier than the M30S model.

@technonicx user Hello, I will buy a phone and I am waiting for phone suggestions from you. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro in my mind right now. Is there a better phone I can get or should I buy a Note 8 Pro?

@technonicx user Take a look at Realme 5 Pro

@technonicx user Note 8 Pro is an excellent phone above its price. You can take it with peace of mind.

@technonicx user Although I am familiar with Xiaomi, I prefer the Note 8 pro, but it depends on whether it will play for general or game purposes.

@technonicx user I experienced that phone. The camera is very good for social media and it is very comfortable to play in the game. It works.

@technonicx user Thanks everyone, I think I'm going to get the note 8 pro. But I'm still open to advice

@technonicx user I am considering buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 128 GB phone. One of the most important things for me is there any other phone that you recommend in terms of RAM for this price?

@technonicx user 4 cameras, you get the main camera as 64MP but it does not meet the expectations. His camera is not very good. I don't say bad, but when there are 4 cameras, people increase the expectation. I also took a 15-minute video and the device was blazing. It is overheating. If you are not going to play, the serial is a fast device, but if you are going to play, turn to another device. Galaxy A50 can be considered.

@technonicx user There should be 6 GB of RAM in 128GB model. What is your budget?

@technonicx user The battery and camera performance is a bit bad compared to this device, but as a superior device in terms of CPU and GPU, I recommend Meizu 16th. MEIZU 16TH / DS 6GB / 64GB Smartphone Black MEIZU 16TH / DS 6GB / 64GB Smartphone Black at MediaMarkt at the most affordable prices! MEIZU 16TH / DS 6GB / 64GB Smartphone Black Click to review price and features, join the winners club. The winners are on MediaMarkt! is

@technonicx user As you said, Galaxy A50 or Galaxy A51 can be considered

@technonicx user As a camera, it is still better than the Samsung A50 and even one of the best cameras in that budget. The phone may be very hot in hand, but it is still better than the A50 in terms of acceptable temperatures and gaming performance. If the update is not important, the Meizu 16Th model can be preferred.

@technonicx user The Mi9T model can also be checked.

@technonicx user Let me say as a person who has seen both; There is not much difference as a camera. Also, the processor slows down when it heats up, causing it to freeze. It does not heat up in an unacceptable way for a device where I have paid 2000TL and claimed to have liquid cooling. I can say that I had to close the video, that is that degree. Let me explain the best example as follows. I switched from Galaxy S4 to Galaxy J6. The processor benchmark scores of both are the same. In S4, device system warning, CPU 69 degrees, would give the warning to turn off the device. Man, I passed playing smart games, I couldn't even watch videos. Now I can even play Pubg on the equivalent J6 as a processor. A heck of a heated device will not get as good as it wants. By the way, the motherboard of S4 burned 3 times due to this warming condition. It cost me as much as his own money.

@technonicx user Compared to its competitors, yes, it warms up a click more, but I accept it, but it has no problem with performance. Example video: 5.28

@technonicx user 2000 2200

Maybe you are insterested