@technonicx user Is FreeSync open?

@technonicx user Yes, it is clear.

@technonicx user First of all, do not always update the top version of the video card drier to the recommended version. For Adrenaline. If It Still Doesn't Fix Install 18.1.1 (You Can Use Amd Clean Up Utily To Erase The Drive.) First You Have To Create Virtual Memory Screenshot I Have 16 Gb DDR3 Ram Rx580 A Strong Card Is Not Enough Speed. Therefore, We Are Creating Some More Ram, But Remember: The Space It Takes Up Your Disk, But It Is Recommended The Ram Size Is Min 16 GB (16000 M) Max 150% Gb (24000MB) And You Should Turn Off ULPS From The Registry If You Are Not Using Dual Graphics .

@technonicx user Turn off what you see there, such as FreeSync, anti-lag from AMD settings. Select high performance from the power settings. If they do not, switch to the recommended version, which is 20.4.2.

@technonicx user If the monitor does not support or you are using an unsupported HDMI cable, the problem is with it. Close FreeSync and try it, the problem will be solved.

@technonicx user I'm trying suggestions right now, friends, I will write the result.

@technonicx user I had the same problem, which happens when FreeSync is turned on.

@technonicx user Is the problem solved?

@technonicx user I opened the game for about 20 minutes, there is no problem for now. Normally it would be. Thanks guys, I hope it goes like this. Edit: I installed version 20.4.2, freesync is off.

Maybe you are insterested