@technonicx user Are you sure it is an AF model?

@technonicx user See if there is a kernel that is closed from AMD Ryzen Master. Route Without Bey said:

@technonicx user Yes, I am sure.

@technonicx user 2 Core 4 Thread can you take a screenshot from the application it appears?

@technonicx user AF Modeli de 6C / 12T.

@technonicx user Which application did you look at? Do you download and look at the CPU-Z program? You can also see if there is AF in the technology section.

@technonicx user You can take SS and throw it.

@technonicx user Open the task manager and click on Performance. Then come to the CPU section, right-click and make the option to Replace Graphic With Logical Processors and take a screenshot.

@technonicx user Run> Can you check the processor tick tick from msconfig?

@technonicx user I also looked at it marked there are maximum 4 cores there too: /

@technonicx user Remove the tick and reboot you shouldn't choose any number.

@technonicx user I couldn't see anything like the Replace graphic with option.

@technonicx user You can right-click on the place where the CPU usage is shown graphically. First, let's make sure there are no software errors.

@technonicx user

@technonicx user Usually these problems are software. If you bought a new processor, formatted and installed cleanly, it will set itself up according to the new processor in Windows.

@technonicx user You can see if I bought SS and installed it still looks 2C 4t.

@technonicx user

@technonicx user Follow what @ 4PieD says and test again. Use this method instead of CPU-Z. If the result is still the same, I suggest you format

@technonicx user Also do you reset the BIOS? After removing the BIOS battery and waiting for 3-5 minutes, most likely after installing the processor, you continued the settings on the old system, you could enter and reset the BIOS there. If you wish, remove the BIOS battery, wait 3-5 minutes, then enter the BIOS.

@technonicx user I think the problem has changed so the motherboard has changed so I think it is more like Windows than the BIOS setup.

@technonicx user Look, I didn't take it into consideration. If the motherboard has also changed, the healthiest will be to install a clean installation.

@technonicx user I did the same way as you said right now 6C 12T appears my processor thank you.

@technonicx user Not me, thank a friend @ 4PieD. I just said how to do it, the idea came up.

@technonicx user @ Ma'at no problem we solved together. Glad to unravel

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