@technonicx user A normal situation after 3 years. Unfortunately, it runs out of battery early in fast charging. Because of this problem in my 3 year old S7E device, I changed the battery and turned off the fast charge. There is no problem right now. Battery replacement was 74% before replacement, I replaced it with the original in service 96% now.

@technonicx user How did you turn off the fast charge?

@technonicx user I use English, because I don't know Turkish equivalents, I will not be able to explain. You can follow this instruction on and off. I just use it when I need it.

@technonicx user Thank you and we will try and close it. I have never tasted this quick thing. Haste makes waste...

@technonicx user What the service told me was that it killed the battery cells early. Over time, he also made swelling. It is useless to turn it off right now, the battery condition is already bad. It would be better if you close it after changing it.

@technonicx user How many ₺ have you changed the battery?

@technonicx user I paid a fee of 300+ to be original. It was not in my mind for a long time. It had a price of 320 or 360. If you want to have it out, talk to GSM Communication. They have the original piece mostly. They are more convenient than service.

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