@technonicx user What exactly is the problem, is there any damage to the camera lenses?

@technonicx user There is no damage.

@technonicx user If it's true, it's a very interesting situation. Can you do a few tests with the Google Camera app and share the comparative results here? Maybe there is a software problem.

@technonicx user Did it happen after Android 10?

@technonicx user No.

@technonicx user Seems like a hardware problem, contact technical services. Also try to reset the camera settings.

@technonicx user This is also the case with the front camera.

@technonicx user Have you tried resetting the camera settings?

@technonicx user Yeah.

@technonicx user In this case, contact the services, I do not think it will be improved by formatting.

@technonicx user Has hard reset been attempted?

@technonicx user What is that?

@technonicx user Formatting briefly, the format method with the keys.

@technonicx user Guide:

@technonicx user I have that same problem. I have been using samsung s9 + for 2 years and my camera performance has decreased with the updates for a few months, the photos always flickering I had to keep my hand steady for a while even after taking it, I had no such problem before. If I buy a phone next time, I will prefer iphone no matter how much.

Maybe you are insterested