@technonicx user Is the problem software?

@technonicx user I'm not sure, but I think it might be software.

@technonicx user If the phone's sound power and home button worked, you could try to put it into download mode and reinstall the software, but there is not much we can try when the keys are not working.

@technonicx user Only the power button is working, which means that it is possible to turn on the phone, but perhaps I can also operate the volume key.

@technonicx user If you can operate the volume key, you can try to install stock ROM with download mode.

@technonicx user The problem is that the home button doesn't work.

@technonicx user My brother; There are several solutions to your problem. 1. Usb socket. 2. When there is moisture in the Home and other keys. 3. Software. The solution is usually solved by USB, otherwise keys are cleared. The software is tried in 2 ways by intervention from the USB apparatus and PC, respectively.

@technonicx user So which program should I use, how do I solve it with USB? I would appreciate if you explain a little more.

@technonicx user Usb socket replacement will be made. The hand ability should be very good and your hand should be accustomed.

@technonicx user Is there really anything to do with USB plug-in when the phone doesn't turn on?

@technonicx user It is one of the chronic problems in the S3 model. You can search it in GSM forums. Sherif34 said:

@technonicx user So if I remove the power key and clean it, can it fix it? Also, I don't have much information about phones, so I probably can't disassemble the home button. Can I not format the phone via the PC when the phone is off?

@technonicx user If you say I don't understand much, I say overhand, but S3 clear the power button if you want this. Although it does not improve, it is not a problem. But usually the power button changes.

@technonicx user Okay I will try but if you say a program if you can, I can find out that the phone will either die dead or eventually will die further by trying something.

@technonicx user Enter the recovery menu and do "wipe data / factory reset" and "wipe cache partition". What does it have to do with USB? If you are sure that the volume and home keys are not working, you can also load the stock ROM via the computer.

@technonicx user If you say that I use soldering iron, buy S3 power and volume buttons from orange. If you want to go even further, the soldering iron is really quality heated, buy S3 suket.

@technonicx user The phone's home button is broken so I can't enter it.

@technonicx user I wrote that I feel that my brother will definitely play with the device. Otherwise, a good master makes that phone ready for 1-2 hours.

@technonicx user What if I told him to the friend above, then I think he made the edit. Something to try when they say you're right.

@technonicx user Try what you say @ Sherif34 if you want to try, but if you have no experience, you are likely to hurt. If you have nothing to lose, you can try.

@technonicx user Let's be welcome, that friend also knows.

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