@technonicx user Open the game in turbo mode and try the games like that.

@technonicx user The problem is still the same. It seemed that the charge was going fast.

@technonicx user The power management of that processor is not good, so it is natural that the charge goes fast.

@technonicx user I think there is a problem with the device, although the Game Turbo is open, the problem is still the same.

@technonicx user Which games have problems? Don't say PUBG, that game optimization disabled.

@technonicx user Is the device 3Gb ram version?

@technonicx user No, it's a 4 GB version.

@technonicx user I use the 3GB one, and there is a slight difference, I asked for it with the 4Gb one. I don't have a problem with the games, but when the battery is 100% charged, it runs out 5-6 hours. If the device has a warranty, send it to the warranty?

@technonicx user Sir, didn't you get Realme?

@technonicx user Hodja, when my father's phone broke, I bought 2 phones.

Maybe you are insterested