@technonicx user As far as I know the best are Bluestacks right now.

@technonicx user I used bluestacks, Nox and one more emulator 1 year ago, it was the best for me among them, but as I said, I had no idea about the current situation it was a year ago. If I download it, which one do I download? Absolutely Nox.

@technonicx user It was the first time I heard of Nox. I guess it's not as popular as Bluestacks, but let me see.

@technonicx user Bluestacks is an ad-filled carcass emulator. I prefer to use Nox Player, but you can also choose emulators like KoPlayer and Andy. MEmu is also an alternative.

@technonicx user I tried most of them. The most performance and useful Nox. Apart from that, Droid4X and Andy can be offered alternatives.

@technonicx user I used Andy on me. A few days after using it personally, there was a completely black screen shortage. I don't recommend Andy or at least for those who use AMD graphics.

@technonicx user I had a contraction problem in Bluestacks from time to time but it has been going on for a few years. I'm using Nox Emulator right now. But according to the PC features, the rate of contraction varies from person to person.

@technonicx user I have tried many emulators, but only 2 of them came out well. I wouldn't recommend using Andy because Andy does a lot of bad things I don't want to say. If I say Gameloop, that emulator doesn't have all android games. LD Player is not safe at all, like Andy. I suggest the meMU, but if you want a perfect emulator, use the best BlueStacks.

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