@technonicx user GP Series “Performance, Speed” MSI is a pioneer of outstanding gaming machines just for gaming. To be a true gaming legend, MSI always aims to present its latest features in its products in order to fulfill every player's desire. Quotation. Overclocked product.

@technonicx user It will help you.

@technonicx user It means overclocked product, meanwhile, if you are going to buy that video card, do not buy Armor, it gets too hot.

@technonicx user The same product does not have GP on different sites but?

@technonicx user The problems are said to be solved in the GP model and better performance, but there are no changes. For example, MECH 5700 has a problem with heat. It is said that the GP model is solved, but there is no change.

@technonicx user I have the RX 570 and it does not get too hot.

@technonicx user Cuda-core kanki, Nvidia AMD get together to recreate the RX500 series.

@technonicx user I will put my good and bad into my brother-in-law, but let's not roll over.

@technonicx user The GPUs of the RX500 series after 570 usually have a difference of 10 Fps between RX 570 and RX 590, if you are going to choose RX5500XT or GTX 1660S, it is unreasonable to replace the RX570 with RX580.

@technonicx user Armor is a naughty warming problem and the 580 old consumes a lot of power. Performance is mediocre. The 1650 super 1660 is more powerful.

@technonicx user Okay, thank you, good forums.

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