@technonicx user I've been using maybe more MIUI version since 1 month. This version does not contain Android 10. Android 10 released in some countries will come soon to us.

@technonicx user The interface will be updated to 12. The list has been published. Maybe the operating system is updated with it. I'm still in version 10 though. I didn't do it when the update came to 11.

@technonicx user I wonder when will my phone update still use MIUI 11.0.3? The Party Hat said:

@technonicx user It was called the end of the first quarter. You come in, no direct 10 income this month.

@technonicx user I write here in order not to make the excess of the subject.

@technonicx user I do not know about the subject, but they are gradually released.

@technonicx user Thanks for coming this month, there is no problem updating. resolved

Maybe you are insterested