@technonicx user Xiaomi. The price is excellent in terms of performance. (I am a person who uses the phone for a long time like you. This is his 4th year.) My phone is Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

@technonicx user If a phone with a corner rectangle without any brand of Selfie camera was removed, I would buy it directly if its features were not terrible.

@technonicx user I think I would buy huawei if the reason is the sar value, if you say 'try it doesn't matter too much', if the reason is samsung, xiaomi yes, the hardware with high battery value may be making the phone more suitable than the same segments, but the ratio of the sar in between is a factor that can be taken seriously in my opinion. I do not know. I have generally evaluated that the value of the device can be low. I hope you can get something nice according to your heart.

@technonicx user If I pass it would be Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro. A phone that I like as F / P and camera.

@technonicx user I use Lenovo K5 Plus, my phone is very entry level. It's been 3 years, the battery is dead, I am constantly freezing and hanging out, 16 GB is not enough and the android version is not enough for most applications. I would like to switch to Samsung or Xiaomi.

@technonicx user I have been using Lenovo K6 Note for 3 years. I think it would be nice if I passed Xiaomi now.

@technonicx user I use S6 Edge Plus, I would like to switch to Realme or Meizu.

@technonicx user dude I use 9 pros of general mobile. I am very pleased so far, thankfully, it was a phone that I enjoyed with its processor and battery performance according to its affordable price, where I played games with pleasure. Because of the satisfaction that the phone has created for me, if I switched to the phone, I wouldn't even feel like a sentence like that.

@technonicx user I would like Xiaomi for the variety of accessories. However, the Iphone in my hand must become unusable to change it.

@technonicx user I use Huawei. If I were to change it, I would use Oneplus or Oppo. The reason for the change is that the volume of the headphones on the Huawei model is low.

@technonicx user Samsung Note FE. I'm going to switch to Iphone 11 Pro.

@technonicx user I am using the Xiaomi Mi A1 model until it is broken, then I can switch to the SD855 + version of the Mi Note 10 model on the market right now. Surprisebooz But now my priority is PC

@technonicx user I'm using 11 Pro Max I would like to switch to Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

@technonicx user I am using Huawei P Smart 2019 right now and I guess I can't pass Huawei because of the embargo. Xiao made the transition would be my priority, but I'll phone REALMECA change things with the arrival of Turkey. If I switch to Xiaomi, the most important thing is the development part. I would prefer if Realme brings its new models to the country and sells them at a similar price to Xiaomi. If I bought a phone as a flagship, I think I would buy an iPhone to try the phone that never works and has no problems, but even getting used to it is a problem for me.

@technonicx user I love small phones that fit in my zero S4, S3, S5 mini pocket. I have the Huawei P smart 18.

@technonicx user I have Xiaomi Mi Note 3. After that I am thinking about buying a Xiaomi phone

@technonicx user I would love to switch to the Nokia 3310, but where is that old.

@technonicx user I have redmi 5 plus since the first quarter of 2018. I took 1000 lira seriously deserves the money I gave. The screen was broken and I replaced the part cheap. The battery made a problem, I changed it very cheap, even though the supplier industry, even those parts are of good quality. My wife still uses it smoothly.

@technonicx user I am using Galaxy S8. My next goal is the S9 or S10 Family.

@technonicx user I have Redmi Note 6 Pro right now. If you say which one you would like to switch to, I would definitely say OnePlus 7T Pro. Both the 2K 90 Hz display and the Snapdragon 855 + ...

@technonicx user There is Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, we just bought it a little old. Then I would like to switch to a higher Xiaomi model

@technonicx user I am using GM 8 GO. Whatever I pass is profit. If I wanted F / P, I would buy Xiaomi. If I wanted the flagship, I would buy the Asus ROG Phone 2. A great phone.

@technonicx user I am using Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 6/128 now. I would like to switch to OnePlus 7T Pro, like @FearlyGhost, but if I want to upgrade, I would stay in Xiaomi and get Mi 9 Explorer Edition.

@technonicx user I use the Oppo Ax7 model. I wouldn't like to switch, I would like to have an Oppo A9 or a phone from the Reno series.

@technonicx user I read the news that Realme will officially enter the country soon. This is not an attempt that was canceled before, by the way, I think they are coming seriously this time. In addition, now a 1400 pound SD710 processor, a quality screen, a seriously durable battery and an extra fast charge phone Realme 3 Pro is very competitive. when he officially entered the competition in Turkey it would be a serious matter such affordable.

@technonicx user The price may increase slightly due to warranty and service works, but it will still compete with Xiaomi very comfortably.

@technonicx user "Turkey things may change with the arrival of" saying the wrong guess means output. I mean, when it comes time preference can change. I think Realme 3 PRO will not come, I think there are Realme 5 Pro, Realme XT and Realme C2 on their site.

@technonicx user The phone I use now is Xiaomi mi6 4/64 I have been using it for 2 years, I have not experienced a small decrease in battery or performance, it still works like the first day. My previous phone was the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I should also mention that God should not let anyone in the hands of Samsung.

@technonicx user I realized that the competition would get hot.

@technonicx user I use Apple and I am thinking of switching to Apple again I tried Android (LG, Samsung, Huawei) but thanks to me I am not happy with Apple.

@technonicx user I am using the Samsung Galaxy S9, I do not want to get OnePlus or Pixela both in Turkey but in this case I would like to pass Huawei P30 Note 10 Plus or Pro.

@technonicx user I used Sony Xperia S, Z and Z3 Compact from 2013 to 2017. They were very nice devices, but I sold them because Sony lacked stability and lagged in bringing in new technologies. Afterwards, when I looked at what suits my budget, I saw the iPhone 6 32GB model and I am still satisfied with my device that I entered in the 3rd year. Last June, Apple gave a new boxed device in Zero Akasya. I use it for 3-4 more years

@technonicx user I use iPhone and then switch to Android and then I go and buy iPhone

@technonicx user I was using iphone 6s plus 16 gb 16 gb made me happy. I bought a xiaomi note8 pro very nice ten number phone one bad side instagram snapchat application optimization just because i have to switch to iphone again. normally you are taking pictures like the camera you are taken from Instagram 144p

@technonicx user If you switch from S4 model to Mi 6, this is a device with S4 software problem. After S5, there is no software problem in Samsung. You're right to swear at Samsung for using S4, but it's not like that anymore.

@technonicx user There are tons of applications that are not only installed from the software but can be used and cannot be deleted. When you buy Samsung (actually it is on most phones, but Samsung is weighing a little bit), it is necessary to give direct root access and remove unnecessary programs. I have installed Custom Rom since the first day I got the phone. I tried all sorts of things, vain, but I shouldn't eat right, it took me 3 years.

@technonicx user I use huawei but if you have the opportunity to buy xiaomi note 8 pro cheap quality machine i think you can not miss

@technonicx user I use Samsung s10e and s9 +. Beautiful phones for the blessings of Android. I want to use iOS if I want a more stable phone, I think

@technonicx user I am using Note 3, I think of switching to Note 10+ if Allah gives it soon.

@technonicx user I am using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. If there is no budget shortage, I would like to switch to OnePlus or iPhone. A different experience may be pleasant, but I am sure I will be bored with iPhone. If budget is limited, I would definitely choose 9T Pro in the upper segment, 9T in the middle segment and A3 in the lower segment. By the way, the limited budget section is filled with Xiaomi, but there is nothing to do. Also, these Xiaomi devices can be found cheaper without warranty. Recently, dozens of Xiaomi devices came out of the car's hidden compartment in the news. Meanwhile guaranteed to get going Evofo (Official Turkey) does not mean anything more than take money guaranteed fainting. Something like no warranty.

@technonicx user I use iPhone 7, of course, I would like to buy an Apple brand phone again, but I need to look a bit realistic. I can not go and pay 7000 TL for a phone, and I will probably turn to a Xiaomi or Samsung device.

@technonicx user I use iPhone 5S. So far I have never received any zero phones. I wonder what happens when I get it, the first phone I get. If I were to buy something in the middle class, I suppose it would be the Mi9 T. I think I would buy a P30 Pro if I had a lot of money.

@technonicx user I use oneplus, the fingerprint reader is on the side, the processor is fast, discontinuous, the charge is long, I don't use it.

@technonicx user This is very simple actually in our country. If you can afford it, Apple. If not enough, Xiomi or Samsung for now. I would prefer Mi Note 10 Pro by adding IMEI, which is called illegal way. I've already made the country as rich as I can. Then we feed.

@technonicx user I'm using Apple 8. Let me be clear, I used it on android but I couldn't really get the taste in ios. So my new device would be one of apple's products. After 8, the home button and safe changed. I do not like the notched screen + 3 camera incident came to the apple 11s I am symmetry patient, I can't wait until 12, no matter how applique I am

@technonicx user After the warranty ended, I broke my Samsung phone, which started its problems, and switched to a brand called Umidigi. I was very pleased, but after 18 months, the charging socket broke down and I could not find the original part, so it did not hold repairs. Then I went to Xiaomi. It was so nice to switch to Xiaomi that I want to switch to Xiaomi again and again. I am using Mi 8 lite so ahim not a phone either. But according to its price, it has great camera and performance. I'm sorry for the money given to Ayfon and Zamzung.

@technonicx user I would like to switch from A9 2018 to iPhone 8+ or iPhone 11.

@technonicx user I would like to switch from Redmi Note 8 Pro to OnePlus 7T Pro.

@technonicx user I would like to switch from Huawei P20 lite model to iPhone 11 Pro.

@technonicx user I was using Meizu M6S for 1 year and 3 months. I am in the period of getting a phone with the damage to the motherboard while the screen is changing. My choice will most likely be for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 or Note 8 Pro. But it is very nice to me in Realme. Realme 5 Pro is very nice especially, but as I mentioned before, I started to care about the service. I don't want to have the problem I had with Meizu.

@technonicx user It was a phone beyond its time. LTE version has Pie roms.

@technonicx user I am using Galaxy S7. I think of the S20 Ultra or Note 20 (?).

@technonicx user Yesterday evening, I already tried 5 different software by making soft bricks 2 times.

@technonicx user I would like Huawei or Xiaomi.

@technonicx user I'm using iPhone 8. I don't buy any of the Chinese-made phones, either because of SAR or data collection. S10E to the regiment.

@technonicx user I used Note 3 before and it was a big phone but when its interface was TouchWiz

@technonicx user Stock software wasn't that bad. I used the ROOT version of the stock software for 6-7 months. I did not have any problems with the interface, but the Samsung Experience 7 and 8 I used previously were looking for a flashlight, not a candle, as a design and usefulness.

@technonicx user Using Galaxy s6. I plan to upgrade to Xiaomi mi 9.

@technonicx user I use Samsung Galaxy A50, I would like to switch to Xiaomi or Apple brand.

@technonicx user I have been using iPhone 6s for almost 2 years. I got zero. I am satisfied with the phone, but now my needs have changed or I think it can be said to look for different tastes, so I want to switch to a Xiaomi brand phone. I want to use an Android device in a few moments. If I buy it, I would love to buy Mi9T.

@technonicx user I use iPhone 6. I will switch to Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

@technonicx user Many of them said that Xiaomi has been 3 years since I have not tried ROM, there is no module left, I am very bored. Realme X2 Pro, ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G or Rog Phone 2 would not be bad.

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