@technonicx user You can look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 but look at the internet instead of the stores (their prices are exaggerated)

@technonicx user You can choose Realme 5I, Xioami Redmi Note 8, Xiaomi MI A3 models. As for the display, Xiaomi models are ahead of Realme. There is no difference in processor and Ram 3 models. No information was shared from Realme model about SAR value. Redmi Note 8 is a model ahead of MI A3. As for the camera, the Xiaomi models as MP have noticed the Realme model, but in this case, the power of the software comes into play. It may be more accurate to follow the tests and decide on the camera.

@technonicx user Would you recommend a store

@technonicx user You can't get a good yield from the store, mate. In any case, they sell for 200-300 TL. If the recipient is your family, read the comments on the internet.

@technonicx user If you can find the most logical Xiaomi Mi A3 model can even be bought at a more affordable price. XIAOMI MI A3 64 GB SMART PHONE GRAY price, specifications, models, at the cheapest prices XIAOMI MI A3 64 GB SMART PHONE GRAY price, technical specifications, models, at the cheapest prices at Vatan Bilgisayar www.vatanbilg

@technonicx user Do I play Pubg in hd

@technonicx user There is a test like this:

@technonicx user After he received many updates 6 months ago

@technonicx user With the update, the phone doesn't get stronger and Snapdragon 665 HD is not played at a higher setting.

@technonicx user 5 Pro 4GB + 128GB realm of Crystal Green Mobile Phones (Realm Guaranteed to Turkey) RLM-5PRO128GB | Thanks to Trendyol, you will have realme product with very special discounts and you will change your shopping habits. I

@technonicx user Update on the wire, update in the game

@technonicx user I already said about the game, my comment.

@technonicx user Do i play hd

@technonicx user HD plays high and they play the test the same way.

@technonicx user TM saol brother mia 3 is bought

@technonicx user Yes, it can be bought even more affordable on the internet, so it is definitely taken from the store.

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