@technonicx user Using AOD on phones with IPS displays does not make much sense, it eats more charge than Amoled displays.

@technonicx user Requires 3rd party application. It doesn't make sense to do it on an IPS screen phone because; Amoled displays turn off their leds for black pixels, so they provide much less charge consumption for AOD. But this device has an IPS display and opens all pixels for black color, which causes much more charge consumption.

@technonicx user Dude, you opened AOD, you kept the screen on all the time. It does not matter in IPS Panel.

@technonicx user It takes me even more, it took me 10% charge in 15min.

@technonicx user Is it the song with Yıldız Tilbe? I am using MI9T and I hope my camera review will be broadcast shortly. I am using this feature, my charge is going to be 2% all day long.

@technonicx user No, I am listening to Şanışer. I edited the message.

@technonicx user You are one of the few people I will not forget your username. But I think the artist is sad, the tastes and colors are discussed.

@technonicx user Let's discuss it, you can open a separate topic and tag it. As an artist, I respect everyone, but the number of people I like is limited.

@technonicx user Let's discuss one day. It is surprising to see how people decide about a topic and how they like it.

@technonicx user Sir, good luck came on Android 10.

@technonicx user What difference does it make? It's always the same.

@technonicx user I'm having a battery problem and hopefully it has improved. I was getting 9 hours of screen time with MIUI 10, now if I get 6 I kiss and put it on my head.

@technonicx user Necessary warning has been given about using Always On feature on OLED and non-AMOLED screens. The subject deviated from time to time, but let's get a summary like this: - On the screen panels that can close the pixels, only a little text or graphics can be open continuously and does not consume much battery. - IPS screen phones in the Xiaomi Redmi series do not have pixel-by-pixel control. - If you want to open with additional application, there are many lock screen applications such as ACDisplay, Always On AMOLED, CM Locker, Floatify offering beautiful effects or functions. However, I did not pass them through the security scan, you should check it yourself. - These additional apps can consume a lot of battery life.

@technonicx user We chatted a bit

@technonicx user I don't even understand why they put IPS on Note 8 Pro when there is Super Amoled even on S4.

@technonicx user @Tinharmi may be due to production cost, because Amoled displays are much more expensive. For example, the Mi 9T model is a bit more expensive than the Note 8 Pro model, because it has an Amoled display and pop-up camera module.

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